Gift Boxes

Alwayz Cookies gift boxes make great gifts for family, friends and acquaintances far away.  The cookies are packaged securely in sealed poly bags for absolute freshness and placed in bubble wrap and tissue paper to ensure that cookies do not arrive broken.  Everyone loves receiving unexpected packages in the mail, and these are certainly a delight to receive.

Our gift packages are generally available in two sizes.  The two dozen box starts at $28.00 and the 3 dozen box starts at $42.00.  Gift boxes in larger quantities, such as 4 or 5 dozen are also available.  The above prices do not include shipping and handling.  Illinois sales tax will apply to any orders placed in Illinois.

When ordering the 2 dozen box you may choose 1 or 2 different kinds of cookies from our cookie list.  When ordering the 3 dozen box you may choose 1 to 3 different kinds from the list.  Also available for any gift box is the Baker’s Assortment box.  This box will include up to 6 different kinds of cookies.  The kinds of cookies will be up to the baker.

Need some ideas:
• Send a box of cookies with a thank you note.
• Surprise a college student with some cookies and an encouraging note.
• Say hello to loved ones far away.
• New parents, they deserve a treat for themselves and guests.
• Don’t forget to order a box for yourself!